Avere NAS pricing

Avere’s FXT 3200 features 96 GB of RAM and 4.8 TB of SAS disk storage, six 1GbE ports and two copper 10GbE ports; with the FXT 3500 offering 144 GB of RAM and 9 TB of SAS disk storage. Avere’s FXT Flash-based 4200 offers 96 GB of RAM and 1.6 TB of SSD; while the FXT 4500 provides 144 GB of RAM and 3 TB of SSD.

Pricing and Availability

The FXT 3000 Series starts at $72,500. Pricing for the FXT 4000 Series starts at $99,500. Both products are available within 30 days.

Avere’s NAS optimization solutions feature a tiered file system that organizes data across RAM, SSD, SAS and SATA tiers to effectively provide a 5:1 reduction in disks, power and rack space. The new FXT 3000 and FXT 4000 series hardware platforms are designed for even greater scalability and efficiency, doubling the amount of appliances that can be clustered to 50 and providing as much as 7 TB of RAM and hundreds of terabytes of SAS or SSD capacity on a single cluster.

“With the newest series of FXT appliances, we have continued building upon the hallmarks of Avere innovation by providing customers with the ability to take application performance scaling to new heights,” said Ron Bianchini, Avere President and CEO. “When combined with the ability to understand storage network usage patterns like never before, our NAS optimization solutions give customers the resources to use the storage infrastructure for competitive advantage.”

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