Panzura pricing

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Will cloud-based storage ever be faster and easier than earlier approaches like NAS (network-attached storage) and SANs (storage area networks)? A start-up named Panzura claims this can happen already, through a new technology the company is dubbing Application Network Storage (ANS).

The first product to use Panzura’s ANS is the Application Cloud Controller (ACC), a hardware device combining functionality that includes deep packet inspection, for analyzing the data usage patterns of software applications, and storage acceleration.

With prices starting at a hefty $25,000 for a base configuration, Panzura is initially targeting large enterprises, many of which are now transitioning from private to public clouds. There really doesn’t seem to be much of a reason, however, why “application aware” technology such as ANS couldn’t be adapted in some way, over time, to suit the cloud storage needs of smaller organizations, even if Panzura never steps in an SMB direction.

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