Nutanix Pricing for the Virtual Compute Platform NX1000 and NX6000

….Nutanix cost for new models….

Like the NX-3000, the NX-1000 starts with four nodes in a 2U system. NX-6000 systems start with two nodes.

The NX-1050 includes 12 CPU cores, 4 TB of hard drive capacity and 400 GB of solid-state storage per node, with up to four nodes in a 2U rack. That makes for 48 cores, 16 TB of hard drives and 1.6 TB of flash in a four-node system, compared to 64 cores, 15 TB of hard drive storage and 3.2 TB of solid-state drives in the largest of Nutanix’s flagship NX-3000 model.

Pricing for a four-node NX-1050 is $90,000 versus $144,000 for an NX-3000.

A 2U NX-6000 includes 32 cores, 32 TB of hard drive capacity and either 1.6 TB (NX-6050) or 3.2 TB (NX-6070) of flash. The NX-6050 costs $120,000 for two nodes, while the NX-6070 is priced at $180,000 for two nodes.

We’re still waiting Maxta pricing, or any indication of Maxta cost….anyone got it?

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