VAST Data Pricing

VAST Data pricing is touted at about $0.03/GB instead of a dual-port NVMe enterprise SSDs at $0.60/GB. The architecture is designed as a “single tier, flash-based capacity store that can cover performance to archive-level data storage needs at a cost similar to or lower than hard disk drives.”

Other VAST Data cost research shows that it is targeting large enterprises with typical configurations in the $1 Million dollars and up range. This is certainly not out of line with mission critical application expectations.

Background of VAST Data Cost and Price List structure

Now VAST has come out of stealth, confident it has world-beating storage technology.

VAST Data sells it’s product three ways;

– a 2U quad server appliance, with 8 x 50Gbit/s Ethernet links, running VAST containers, presenting NFS and S3 out to client servers, and the databox enclosure,
– a Docker container image and databox enclosures, with the host servers running apps as well as the VAST containers,
– a Docker container (software-only).

The software only version means that VAST could run in the public cloud, if the proper databoxes were provided.

VAST Data Conclusion

Rocket Ship newcomer VAST Data burst onto the scene in 2019 to create an “extinction level event” for hard disk technology in the data center. Quite the goal.

We’ll continue to search for VAST Data pricing related articles and press releases.

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