StorageCraft OneXafe 5410 Price

StorageCraft OneXafe 5410 Pricing

StorageCraft has launch three OneXafe SKUs to choose from: the all-flash OneXafe 5410, which is optimized for server virtualization, VDI, and other high-performance use cases, and the slower but more affordable OneXafe 4412 and 4417, which are designed for use as unstructured data archives and video storehouses. StorageCraft will add further OneXafe SKUs within roughly the next six months. Pricing on the OneXafe 5410 starts under $30,000. The OneXafe 4412 and 4417 list at $14,000 and up.

StorageCraft OneXafe 5410 PriceBuyers must pay for OneXafe hardware upfront, but can buy the other elements of the product either on a subscription basis or via perpetual licensing. ShadowXafe offers subscription-based and perpetual licensing as well.

Going forward, StorageCraft will position ShadowXafe as the platform of choice for businesses at the smaller end of the SMB scale and encourage larger SMBs to buy OneXafe.

“ShadowXafe is an ideal solution for company with between tens to hundreds of VMs and machines that need to be protected, while mid-size companies with VM counts in the high hundreds will be better served by OneXafe appliances,” a spokesman said.

OneXafe is but the latest StorageCraft solution to utilize OneBlox arrays.

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StorageCraft OneXafe 4400 Pricing

StorageCraft OneXafe Price and Comparison

StorageCraft, a data backup and disaster recovery provider, has recently introduced OneXafe, a converged scale-out storage and data protection platform. The new offering has been in development for about a year and is designed to address both converged primary and secondary storage.StorageCraft’s OneXafe Converged appliances are priced as follows: OneXafe 4400 pricing starts at less than $14,000 USD for 144TB. Pricing for the OneXafe 5400 starts at just under $30,000 USD for 38TB, according to StorageCraft.

StorageCraft OneXafe Pricing for 4400More specifically, the new offer targets mid-size businesses who have a lot of the same data protection challenges as enterprise companies but may not have enterprise sized budgets.

StorageCraft’s budgetary pricing includes multiple appliance like the 4417 and 4412, converged data protection and primary storage for unstructured data, archiving and video repositories; and all flash OneXafe 5412, converged data protection for instant application recovery requirements and high-performance unstructured data to serve primary virtual server production application needs.

Regarding cost, StorageCraft contends that its expertise is in the midmarket and that it can deliver a cost-effective solution, one that’s even less expensive than Amazon S3 storage.

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