Veritas 7330 Appliance Pricing

Veritas 7330 Appliance Pricing Sample

A Veritas Velocity 7330 Appliance list price is between $450,000 and $750,000 depending on the configuration and capacity.

The Veritas Velocity 7330 appliance is an intelligent copy data management device (with storage) that dramatically accelerates and streamlines data access needed to achieve desired business outcomes in areas of application development, analytics and recovery. It reduces the cost of managing multiple copies of data.

The Veritas 7330 delivers high performance, scalable capacity, and resiliency to provide rapid on demand self-service access to data without the burden of creating, storing and maintaining physical copies and eliminating the need to get IT functions involved by virtualizing a single copy of production data ingested directly from the workload source or made available through NetBackup™. Pricing varies.

Veritas 7330 Feature Highlights

• Agile, scalable, integrated appliance—save time and money vs. build your own.
• Ideal for enterprise environments—available at 229TB of usable capacity, the Velocity 7330 appliance is designed for larger enterprises and data centers requiring performance, capacity, and resiliency.
• Improve resource utilization with built-in deduplication.
• Address capital and operating expenditures—reduce floor space, power and cooling costs.
• Easily scale capacity and performance as your organization grows.
• Resilient hardware architecture—dual RAID controllers and multiple data paths deliver exceptional data protection and system availability, along with redundant hot swap components.
• Simplify, automate, and improve the appliance support experience using integrated Veritas™

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