Infinite io NSC-055s specs and pricing

infinite io recently announced the NSC-055s, a Network-based Metadata Accelerator. The NSC-055s adds a controller dedicated to the acceleration of metadata requests to infinite io’s award-winning Network-based Storage Controller product line. With the NSC-055s, enterprises will be able to transparently accelerate existing applications and extend the life of NAS systems.

infinite io makes metadata acceleration totally transparent

The NSC-055s installs transparently in front of existing storage and seamlessly intercepts and responds to metadata requests without forcing applications to be re-provisioned or storage to be virtualized.

Ultra-high Performance

The NSC-055s can serve up to 1,500,000 metadata requests per second with an average latency of 20 microseconds. Unlike a cache, it collects all file metadata and is always hot.

infinite io NSC-055s Availability and pricing

The NSC-055s is available for immediate shipment and is priced at $50,000.

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infinite io pricing


Austin-based infinite io, which develops data storage products, said it has launched a new product, the NSC-110. According to infinite io, the new network-based, storage controller helps in the migration of data to both private and public clouds.

Unlike all other enterprise cloud storage solutions, the NSC-110 does not require applications to be re-provisioned or storage to be virtualized with new file paths. The NSC-110 installs transparently in front of existing storage, migrating inactive data to the cloud in real-time based on policies that align with business objectives.

“Just when I thought I’d seen everything I was ever going to see in storage, something cool comes along!” said Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “infinite io has taken a completely different approach to cloud integration by essentially putting a big storage brain directly into the network – which opens up endless possibilities.”

Advanced analytics calculate expected savings

When installed in passive mode, the NSC-110 uses industry standard storage costs and information collected from the installed environment to calculate expected savings.

IT managers can simulate a cloud storage deployment and collect real-world usage analytics with no risk to their data and no systems downtime.

infinite io increases the performance of onsite storage

When operating in active mode, the NSC-110 makes onsite storage faster by serving it out of flash memory from a reduced local file storage footprint. IT managers get the best of both worlds: low-cost capacity and high-performance.

Availability and pricing

The NSC-110 is currently in beta testing and is planned to be released during Q3 2015. Please contact infinite io if you’d like a risk-free analysis of a real-world cloud storage deployment in your environment.

infinite io’s NSC starts at $50,000 for a 2U device with 250GB of DRAM, 6TB of solid state drives, 1 or 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and fail-to-a-wire functionality. On the roadmapfor infinite io, is clustering for high availability, CIFS and Hadoop support, a software-only version of the NSC appliance and support for cloud snapshots.

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