Coho Data Pricing

Coho Data Pricing

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Coho Data 2000f price comparison per VM

Coho Data 2000f per VM Pricing: IOmark-VM determined that a single chassis Coho Data 2000f system was able to support 448 virtual application workloads at a cost of $357.14 per VM and a two chassis 2000f was able to support 960 virtual applications at a cost of $302.08 per VM.

The IOmark-VM tests real world workloads, measuring a standard set of applications running in a virtual environment. The results are audited to ensure uniform testing and reporting of results, enabling IT users the ability to compare products using metrics that matter, price, capacity and application performance. The application mix of IOmark-VM includes databases, webservers and Exchange mail servers, plus additional Hypervisor operations. Per the benchmark specifications, both the 1 and 2-node Coho DataStream 2000f configurations achieved these results with over 70% of response times below 20ms for all applications.

Excerpt from full article at IOMark. Discusses Coho Data pricing for the 2000f on a per vm basis.

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Coho Data Datastream 1000 – 39TB Raw MSRP

Excerpt from the original article at Tom’s IT Pro


The most recent newcomer to the hybrid storage landscape, Coho Data, emerged from stealth-mode in October of 2013, introducing its first and only hybrid product, the DataStream 1000. Currently, the DataStream 1000 is a VMware-only supported hybrid storage device, however the company’s focus on fast scalability and rapid deployment could prove to be an advantage as the product and its maker mature.

Coho Data DataStream 1000 MSRP for 39TB Raw

Estimated Cost: $130,000 USRP (this includes: 2 x Coho DataStream MicroArrays in a 2RU Chassis + 1 x 52 port OpenFlow-enabled 10GbE DataStream Storage Switch)

Standard Support & Warranty: 1, 2 or 3 yr 24×7 Phone Support with Premium (Next Business Day Parts Replacement) or Premium Plus (4 hr onsite parts replacement)

Available Storage Interfaces/Protocols: VMware NFS

Total Max Raw HDD Capacity: 39TB

Total Max Operational HDD Capacity: 17TB

Total Max Raw Flash Capacity: 3.2TB

Total Max Operational Flash Capacity: 3.2TB PCIe flash

Maximum IOPS: 180K IOPS (random 80/20 r/w, 4K block size)
Max Read Bandwidth: 3 GB/s
Max Write Bandwidth: 2 GB/s
Hard Drive Type: 12 x HGST 3TB SATA 7200 rpm HDDs
Solid State Drive Type: 4 x 800 GB Intel 910 PCIe SSDs
Power Requirement: Input voltage: 100 – 240V, Input frequency: 50-60 Hz, Amp: 8.6 4.3 A, Typical Thermal Rating: 3468 BTU/hour

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Coho Data Pricing for Datastream 1000 Micro Array

Full article at

Ex-stealthy startup Coho Data, developer of a “flash-tuned scale-out storage architecture designed for the private cloud that delivers unparalleled performance at public cloud capacity pricing,” has collared $25m in B-round funding.
The DataStream 1000 array is a 2U dual-controller, using OEM’d commodity-based server hardware, which can be added to, scale-out fashion, with its distributed system software. The idea is to deliver public cloud pay-as-you-grow economics in a private cloud built from an on-premise set of boxes.

An 11U Coho system consists of a switch plus five MicroArrays providing 190TB of capacity and 900,000 IOPS, with a list price of $530,000. It’s not cheap. Coho asserts that you’d need to spend $1.5m at list price to get a traditional 190TB, monolithic array. It would need 50U of rackspace and deliver only 250,000 IOPS.

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