Consumption based Pricing offered by Tegile Agility Program

Tegile Systems, the leading provider of flash-driven storage arrays for virtualized server and virtual desktop environments, today announced its Tegile Agility Pricing Program, a capacity utilization-based model that empowers customers with the ability to leverage the performance of flash while eliminating the risk of under- or over-sizing their storage infrastructures.

Available through new Tegile Capital arm, customers now have the option of leveraging Tegile’s award-winning Zebi hybrid storage arrays and paying only for the amount of data space utilized – as low as 20.6 cents per GB a month. With the ability to finance their data storage needs with low monthly payments and no upfront costs while being billed on a usage basis, organizations can take advantage of the cost-flexible economic model that the cloud provides without surrendering control of their mission-critical data.

“Offering capacity pricing to cost-conscious customers who are interested in leveraging cloud economics but who are unwilling or unable to relinquish control of their data to third-party providers is an intelligent play on Tegile’s part,” said Eric Burgener, Research Director, Storage of IDC. “The low entry price point that this enables will certainly make Tegile’s offerings that much more attractive to particularly smaller customers that are looking to newer storage architectures to address their performance issues.”

Companies can build entire storage infrastructures, complete with hardware, virtualization software and services, and put the whole stack on a metered consumption model. Unlike other vendors that do not have the ability to provide inline deduplication and compression, Tegile’s 5:1 data reduction rates can be applied before information is saved to the arrays to effectively reduce storage costs by an additional 80 percent, taking the cost per GB down to approximately 5 cents per month.

Available via Channel Only

Like its existing purchase or standard lease options, the Tegile Agility Pricing Program is offered exclusively through the channel, allowing partners to take advantage of the leasing structure to provide their customers with the latest Zebi storage arrays while passing through utility pricing.

“The introduction of Tegile Agility pricing provides our customers with a variety of options that best fit their particular needs – outright purchase, standard leasing or a utility model that provides all of the benefits of our Zebi storage arrays while realizing the cost structure and flexibility that public cloud providers offer,” said Rob Commins, VP Marketing of Tegile Systems. “By removing the hardware purchase from their balance sheet and turning to a utility model for the amount of data actually consumed, it is a great way for customers to drop their bill while retaining the control and flexibility that they need. This is an economic model that is a win-win for all parties involved.”

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