Dell SC4020 Pricing

Dell SC4020 Pricing

To compete with big business, you need efficient, real-time data access to quickly turn customer interactions into transactions and information into insights. The Dell Storage SC4020 puts the high IOPs and low latency your applications demand within reach.

A six drive configuration lists for around $25,000. SC4020 configuration is unique for a few reasons, primarily though it’s the lowest-priced all flash configuration from a top-tier enterprise storage vendor. Granted, it’s not a high-capacity offering, though out of the gate it only uses six of the available 24 bays. The goal in this case is simple. Besides playing well in ROBO with existing Compellent storage at the enterprise, this SC4020 has the promise of offering some of the highest performance per dollar, which is an increasingly valuable metric. For those with low capacity needs, this configuration works well to satisfy latency-sensitive applications with a mature stack and robust support infrastructure. Of course the SC4020 can scale to higher capacity demands too, giving this $25k configuration plenty of headroom as requirements scale

Product Configurations

Internal Storage
24 x 2.5” drive bays

Supported expansion enclosures
Dell SC200: 12 x 3.5” drive bays
Dell SC220: 24 x 2.5” drive bays

Maximum drive count
120 (24 internal, plus 96 external)

Total storage capacity
408TB based on maximum number of drives (120) and current largest capacity supported drives

Supported drive types
HDD: 15K, 10K, 7.2K RPM; SDD: write-intensive SLC, read-intensive MLC (different drive types, transfer rates and rotational speeds can be mixed in the same system

2 controllers per SC4020 array

Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1265L v2, 2.50GHz, 4 cores

32GB per SC4020 array (16GB per controller)

Network/server connectivity (front-end)
8 x 8Gb FC ports per SC4020 array (4 per controller)

Internal drive connectivity (back-end)
4 x 6Gb SAS ports per SC4020 array (2 per controller)

NAS deployment connectivity (optional)
Supports file-based storage via FS8600 NAS appliance

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