Exagrid EX7000E and EX13000E pricing


Exagrid believes that deduplicating backups during the backup process (inline) it too compute-intensive, resulting in a longer backup window. To overcome this, ExaGrid uses a landing zone where backups can land straight to disk without inline processing, resulting in fast backups and a short backup window. Deduplication and offsite replication occur in parallel with backups so they never impede the backup process, as they are second order priority.

ExaGrid offers a total of nine appliance models, which can be mixed and matched into a single grid. This can scale from a 1 TB full backup up to a 294 TB full backup in one grid. It also allows for replication to a second site for disaster recovery as well as enabling multiple data centers to cross protect between each other. The list price for the ExaGrid EX7000 appliance is $29,000, whereas the EX13000E is $42,000, and the EX21000E is $59,000.

Gartner saw ExaGrid as being successful in the midmarket and in small enterprises, and thought its grid architecture offered pay-as-you-grow benefits, as well as having deeper integration with Veeam than many competitors. But the analyst firm saw limitations in its reach beyond North America, as well as limited cloud support.

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