New Dell EqualLogic Model Series

The PS4210, PS6210, PS6610 and FS7610 come with the same enterprise SAN features built directly into the firmware; the only difference is a revved up controller on the PS6200 and a higher number of supported attributes. We thought a side-by-side comparison might help those that are familiar with the PS Series.

Dell EqualLogic PS Series current lineup

Increase performance with the right-sized and priced PS4210 Series for your growing business.
Next-generation Dell Storage PS Series arrays streamline storage management and improves performance for lasting value.
Increase capacity and improve performance with an ultra-dense array for midsized deployments.
Optimize file storage with the EqualLogic FS7610 NAS appliance and the scalability, flexibility and efficiency of the FluidFS v4 file system.
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Dell EqualLogic Common Features

All Dell Equallogic units include 8, 16, 24 or 48 drives, dual power supplies and dual fans. Dual controller units are recommended for primary sites.

The complete suite of software is included – Snapshots, Replication (for off-site Disaster Recovery), Volume Management, Multi-path I/O capability (for performance), Cloning and more. There are no licenses or keys needed.

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