Nimble Pricing – Storage On Demand with no Excess

For years, storage companies have touted “storage as a utility” and “storage on demand”. The efforts were meant to combat the dreaded “forklift upgrade” of legacy iron which was both disruptive and expensive.

Nimble now weighs in with it’s on-demand option with a published estimate of 6.8 cents/GB per month.

Nimble Storage On Demand

Cloud adoption is growing at an exponential rate. But organizations still have few options when it comes to data storage. Buying storage outright is expensive; leasing typically requires a long-term commitment. Neither offers the flexibility most organizations need in today’s dynamic marketplace. Organizations have been waiting for a storage solution with cloud-like agility and flexibility.

Nimble’s Storage on Demand is a subscription service for on-premise storage that adapts to businesses’ changing needs. It allows customers to decide where their storage will reside – whether it’s their own datacenter, a colocation facility, or the cloud. The storage is configured based on service levels, with billing based on usage rather than fixed configuration. Finally, customers pay monthly with only a one-year commitment.

Pay Just For What You Use.
Monthly billings accurately reflect storage usage, even when it shrinks. Monthly charges are calculated on a simple fixed rate price in cents-per-GB.

Service-Level Subscription. Storage on Demand offers four performance service levels:
Platinum (fastest), Gold, Silver, and Bronze. In each level, billings are based on actual
storage usage.

Never Run Out of Capacity or Performance
A 10 percent buffer, provided at no extra cost, ensures that capacity will always be available as your usage grows. Additional IOPS are automatically included to maintain performance needs.

No Excessive Lock-Ins
Storage on Demand requires a first-year commitment. Customers then have the option to cancel or continue paying
for services on a month-by-month basis.

All-Inclusive Subscriptions
Storage on Demand includes all the features and support organizations
need to deploy and effectively manage storage:
24/7 Support.
Helpdesk support ensures end-user services remain consistency available with proven 99.9997% uptime.

Built-in Efficiencies.
Advanced capacity saving features further reduce storage costs, and increase capacity utilization by as much as 2.5x.

Built-in Data Protection
Efficient snapshots and data replication protect against accidental and catastrophic data loss using minimal capacity and network overhead.

Operational Efficiencies
Reduced data center footprint dramatically cuts data centerfootprint, power and cooling costs.

InfoSight™ Predictive Analytics
InfoSight monitors arrays to predict and prevent problems — and offer remedies — before they cause disruption. Infosight predicts, plans, and tracks storage usage and performance to maintain service levels and provide detailed reporting.

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