Nutanix Xpress SX-1065 Pricing for Small and Medium Businesses

Excerpt and images from a terrific enterprise IT blogger Nutanix Xpress, the new HCI product line for SMB

Nutanix announced on Tuesday its new Xpress cloud platform, priced and architected for small and midsize businesses.

Nutanix Xpress is a pre-assembled private cloud stack, available only through the VAR channel, that bundles storage, compute and a hypervisor along with management software. Prebuilt Cloud Connect integrations allow for data backup to public cloud services, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Nutanix Xpress – Built for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

For small and medium-sized businesses, purchasing, installing, and managing IT infrastructure poses significant challenges. Existing solutions may be too complicated and require specialized skills that overstretch IT budgets. The Nutanix Xpress family addresses the IT needs of smaller organizations through ease of management, lower TCO, and simple, risk-free deployment, with world-class support for the entire infrastructure stack just a phone call or email away.

Nutanix is targeting the “Global 200,000” small and medium sized businesses, defined as follows:


Nutanix SX1065 Offering Overview

Nutanix Xpress is a complete hyperconverged offering that natively integrates server,
storage and virtualization in a single, space-saving platform and radically simplifies the
infrastructure stack.

Plug and Play: All software factory pre-installed and ready to run nearly any virtualized application for small and medium businesses
Built-in virtualization: Built-in Nutanix AHV hypervisor and powerful VM management eliminates expensive virtualization licensing costs – no additional software components to install and manage
Future-proof: Easy data backup to public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, to deliver a practical cloud strategy
Support: Award-winning support from Nutanix technical teams and the Nutanix NEXT community of IT experts designed for SMBs

Accessible to All

Nutanix Xpress makes on-premises infrastructure as simple to consume as public cloud
services. The infrastructure can be installed, configured, and ready to run virtualized
applications in 60 minutes or less.

• Eliminate the need for specialized skills. Xpress greatly simplifies the entire IT environment, including storage and virtualization
• Reduce purchasing costs. Total cost of ownership is up to 60% less than comparable traditional infrastructure.
• Consolidate all applications. Everything runs on a single system—with no specialized or dedicated hardware
• Streamline management. With consumer-grade design, Nutanix Prism makes it easy to keep infrastructure up and running

What’s the difference between Xpress and Xtreme?

As expected, to achieve a reduction in cost, Nutanix had to cut the costs somewhere. The easy way is reduce hardware resources, but it’s not enough to be cost-attractive. Many vendors achieve to be competitive because they release different editions of their software with different features on each one. The picture below shows Xpress vs. Extreme (Enterprise) product lines:


Nutanix Express SX-1065 Specifications

There are a variety of SX-1065 configurations available. Here are 3 basic models from Small to Large.


* Source: Nutanix

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