Rubrik R334 Appliance Pricing

Rubrik R334 Appliance Pricing

The Rubrik R334 is priced around $100,000 with 3-node, 36TB, dual-port 10GBase-T NIC, incl RCDM. The appliance is a 2u, rack mounted appliance that weighs roughly 93 pounds.

The Rubrik r334 is built for small to medium sized businesses. Rubrik redefines how data can be simply managed across data protection, disaster recovery, archival for compliance and long term retention, application development, and data analytics.

  • CPU – 3 x Intel 8-Core 2.4GHz Haswell
  • Memory – 192GB DDR4
  • Max Power Consumption – 666 Watts

Rubrik delivers the industry’s first Converged Data Management Platform by combining backup software and globally de-duplicated storage into a single, scale-out fabric. Rubrik can scale to thousands of nodes in a single, horizontal system.

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