Scale Computing adds flash tiering to HCI


Scale Computing, a hyper-convergence leader, has modified its HC3 hyper-converged system, adding a pair of hybrid arrays that allocate NAND flash as a tunable tier of primary storage.

The Scale flash HC2150 and HC4150 node hardware is similar to the vendor’s HC3 2000 and HC3 4000 models, except with additional RAM and increased processor cores (from four to eight).

Scale isn’t going all-flash with the latest rollout. Each hybrid HC2150 node is equipped with a single 400 GB single-level cell NAND solid-state drive (SSD) and three 3 TB SAS hard disk drives (HDDs). Raw capacity per three-node HC2150 cluster is 12 TB, including 1.2 TB of flash storage. The HC2150 ships with 128 GB of RAM per node and can be upgraded to 256 GB of RAM per node.

Each HC4150 hyper-converged node supports two 400 GB NAND drives and 2.4 TB of flash per cluster, with up to six SATA drives. The 4150 ships with 384 GB of RAM and can be upgraded to 512 GB per node.

List price for a baseline Scale flash HC2150 cluster is $61,500, and $106,625 for the HC4150 cluster. The prices include HyperCore data services for remote and local snapshots, multisite virtual machine replication and failover/failback capabilities.

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