Sepaton S2100-DS3 Pricing

Sepaton Availability and Cost
The SEPATON S2100-DS3 pricing starts at $110K for a 10TB usable system inclusive of compression and de-duplication.

SEPATON, Inc. announced the extension of its enterprise data protection platform with the introduction of the S2100-DS3 Series 1000 and 2000 systems.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of large enterprises with multiple remote locations, the DS3 gives enterprises the ability to deliver the same standard of data protection to remote offices that have previously only been available to primary data centers.

By delivering a data protection solution for remote offices that can be centrally managed and administered from the corporate data center, SEPATON eliminates a challenge to remote locations by backing up and replicating more data in less time and keeping more data online longer in a secure, high availability environment for quick restores.

“At the largest enterprises in the world, up to 30% of corporate data – the data in remote offices – goes unprotected, or protected by an ad hoc process,” said Mike Thompson, president and CEO, SEPATON, Inc. “This creates a significant data protection ‘gap.’ With the delivery of the DS3, large enterprises will be able to deploy the SEPATON data protection platform from core to the edge of the enterprise to the other. Finally, large enterprises will be able close the data protection gap, integrating all of their data protection into a single, centrally managed process.”

“Remote offices of larger firms are characterized as having local data critical to the organization and limited IT personnel to manage local backup processes. Delivering reliable backup that requires little to no local staff intervention and the ability to manage backup systems remotely is highly desirable. Optimized WAN data transfer from remote offices to the central data center to enable disaster recovery is an added bonus,” said Lauren Whitehouse, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “SEPATON’s DS3 offers IT organizations the means to effectively and efficiently ensure data protection in distributed environments.”

The DS3 platform is available starting with 10 TB or 20 TB usable capacity options in a 2U form factor.

Features include:

Performance: The DS3 cuts backup and restore times with two Fibre Channel and two 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports as a standard feature. The S2100-DS3 Series 2000e delivers backup speeds of up to 1500 MB/sec. Performance optimization features include automated load balancing of backup, restore, deduplication and replication for continuous, maximum performance. The DS3 delivers concurrent backup, deduplication and replication. It supports Symantec NetBackup OpenStorage (OST) on 10 Gb Ethernet concurrently with Fibre Channel tape emulation.

Simplifies complexity: Easy to implement, manage and maintain, the DS3 is designed for remote offices with limited IT resources. It installs quickly and without changes to backup policies. It features tape emula­tion and integration with leading backup software applications, saves administration time with advanced automation of all storage provisioning and performance optimization and replication as well as remote management from the main data center.

Flexibility: Each DS3 can provide up to 192 virtual devices simultaneously, each of which can be configured as a virtual library or virtual tape drive. Up to 64,000 virtual tape cartridges can be configured per platform. Up to three additional expansion disk trays can be added for a maximum usable disk capacity of 80TB per system.

Data deduplication: The DS3 includes compression and advanced DeltaStor deduplication tech­nology that reduces capacity usage without slowing backup or restore performance.

Remote replication: DeltaRemote replication software utilizing SEPATON’s delta differencing technology cuts the bandwidth required to replicate over a WAN by as much as 97 percent.

Reliability: The S2100-DS3 is designed to protect data from faults and failures for continuous access to stored data. High availability features include SATA RAID-based storage as well as redundant power and cooling and remote monitoring through alerts. In addition, the SEPATON system software is protected by redundant, internally mirrored drives.

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