Tegile’s new HA2400 and HA2800 Zebi arrays

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Tegile Pricing
Tegile Pricing
Tegile’s Zebi unified storage systems use a multitiered cache architecture where DRAM and flash are used as cache in front of 7,200 RPM nearline SAS drives. The Metadata Accelerated Storage System (MASS) combines thin provisioning, compression and data deduplication with an efficient redirect-on-write snapshot provider to optimize the use of both flash and trash (the 7,200 RPM drives). Since most of the active data will be cached in the SSDs, data reduction shouldn’t have a significant performance impact but will bring the effective cost per gigabyte stored from about $15 to $3 or $4 dollars.

The HA2400, which comes with 96 Gbytes of DRAM cache, 10 200-Gbyte SSDs and 14 1-Tbyte disks at a $168K MSRP; and

The even faster, all-solid-state new HA2800F, which has 22 200-Gbyte SSDs and can deliver a claimed 200,000 IOPS.

Each system can be expanded with drive shelves containing both SSDs and disks or a high-density, disk-only shelf that holds 72 Tbytes in 4u. Tegile pricing is very competitive.

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