Tintri Models and Licensing

TINTRI Pricing Excerpt from original article


Tintri Models and pricing

As of this writing, the available Tintri appliances are (prices in US dollars):

Model T540 – Dual Controller: 13.5TB, $90,000 (10Gbe Copper NICs) or $95,000 (10Gbe SFP + 10Gbe Copper NICs)
T445 – Single Controller: 8.5 TB, $65,000 (10Gbe NIC or SFP available for additional cost)

Replication is a licensed software feature that comes in addition to the cost of the appliance with licensing for adapters as well:

Model T540: $16,500
Model T445: $11,700

At first glance, the pricing might seem prohibitive for some organizations. However, there are other considerations. If your organization is growing their virtualization environment and the storage it should live on, Tintri is an appliance to consider for storage, performance, and ease of management reasons. While the cost per gigabyte or terabyte might not be as small as your organization would like, the performance gains and ease of management might be factors to put Tintri back on the table.

Looking at the pricing above and seeing a bunch of big numbers in terms of overall cost can be a bit misleading, not to say that the bottom line cost isn’t something to consider, but looking at the cost per workload may be a better way. When this is taken into consideration, the cost can be very competitive with other vendors. In research for this article, I worked to determine an approximate cost per VM in my own environment – approximately 30 VMs – (which does not run on Tintri) and found it to be about 75$/VM. That is not a terribly huge cost at all. In addition, in working with Tintri to lab test this solution, they mentioned that they have a customer running 1000 VM workloads on one single Tintri device, which brings the cost per workload down significantly. Looking at other factors, like administrative costs to manage storage and virtualization environments should also be worked into the calculation of cost and cost savings. If the device takes less time and effort to manage, it might just save money in the long run.

My hope is for Tintri to release a class of appliance that is geared toward the SMB market, allowing more organizations to consider Tintri for virtualization.

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