Whiptail Accela pricing a half million bucks?

Original article by Chris Mellor at The Register

Enterprise flash array vendor Whiptail….

…By developing the WT-1100 for the entry-level market, Whiptail is positioning itself below the market position occupied by Violin Memory. That could, in turn, put other flash array vendors such as Nimbus Data under pricing pressure.

A 12TB ACCELA is listed at $588,000; that’s $49,000/TB. On that basis, a 4TB WT-1100 could cost $196,000: El Reg feels this would be far too high for a branch office/SME customer. For comparison, a 16TB 4-disk WD Sentinel 1U rackmount storage server is listed at $2,349 retail. But that only comes with a measly dual Atom processor combo running the show.

Whiptail says the WT-1100 starting price is under $20,000. For comparison, ten per cent of the theoretical equivalent 4TB ACCELA price would be $19,600.

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