Exagrid EX21000E Pricing

Excerpt from the original article at TechTarget


The Exagrid EX21000E has a 12% faster ingest rate than smaller ExaGrid appliances. The ingest rate for the EX21000E is 4.32 TB per hour, and a 10-system grid can ingest at more than 43 TB per hour, according to Bill Andrews, ExaGrid CEO.

The new system works in a grid with ExaGrid’s other models: the EX1000, EX2000, EX3000, EX4000, EX5000, EX7000, EX10000E and EX13000E. The model number refers to the raw capacity on a box. The models with “E” on the end are designated as “enterprise” systems, although Andrews admits even the largest appliances barely scratch the surface for small enterprises.


List price for the EX21000E is $59,999.

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