Nutanix vs. Tintri cost comparison

Nutanix vs. Tintri (pricing only comparison)

This is a brief excerpt from the original article at ZDNet.

“The race, therefore, is on to virtualise storage to make it a better fit for the software-defined datacentre as well as more affordable and easier to manage. All the big names are busy doing something — including virtualisation leader VMware, which recently released its own Virtual SAN technology (VSAN) built into the kernel of its ESX hypervisor. But there are other solutions, and for this feature we opted to examine two quite different approaches to the problem: one from Nutanix, the other from Tintri.”


Nutanix Comparision Cost vs. Tintri

Nutanix NX

Nutanix Price
From $74,250 (£43,963) for a 3-node appliance

Tintri VMStore

Tintri Price
From $74,000 (£44,246) for the VMstore T620

For a great article highlighting both solutions, check out Nutanix vs. Tintri at ZDNet.

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