Falconstor FreeStor pricing

Falconstor recently released a pay-on-use model for its software-defined storage products. Dubbed “FreeStor”, it has an Intelligent Abstraction core that allows data in all of its forms to migrate across all platforms by optimizing the storage resources into a storage resource pool that can be provisioned to physical or virtual applications. It also virtualizes almost any storage environment – modern or legacy, virtual or physical; this would be a serious plus for IT departments looking to utilize new solutions such as flash, software-defined storage, and the cloud while still being able to use their existing solutions. Data can be moved non-disruptively from any location to another.

FreeStor benefits:

Simplifying traffic to, from, and across the cloud – FreeStor’s converged data management services provide an efficient way to move, synchronize, and protect data between organizations’ current on premise IT infrastructures and private, hosted, or hybrid clouds

Modernize legacy infrastructure without rip and replace – new, simple cost-effective tools work seamlessly on and across most platforms and data types while leveraging and modernizing existing hardware to further help organizations break the chains of restrictive vendor lock-in, vendor specific tools, and vendor-dictated business models

Always-on business continuity – improved, enhanced local, active-active, or multi-site high availability ensures files, applications, systems, and even entire sites are consistently available

Predictable, simple, flexible pricing with no surprises – all data management services are provided in an annual subscription-based price-per-terabyte model with 24 x 7 support and software upgrades
Availability and pricing

FreeStor is available today through limited distribution through certain geographies and will be globally available on June 3, 2015. FreeStor is a subscription based price-per-terabyte including 24×7 support, basic installation, and any software upgrades. Starting price is $.03/GB per month or $350/TB per year.

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