Gridstore appliance pricing

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The 2U Gridstore HyperConverged Appliances are available as all-flash or hybrid configurations. The all-flash versions consist of three or four servers with each server holding 6 TB of solid-state drive (SSD) capacity for 18 TB or 24 TB of flash. Each SSD uses 5 TB for storage and 1 TB for caching. After the first three- or four-server node, customers can add nodes with one, two, three or four servers and stripe data across the drives.

The hybrid version is also available with three or four servers. Each server has three slots, two for 4 TB SATA drives and one for 1 TB SSDs. A four-server configuration consists of 32 TB of hard drives and 4 TB of SSD cache.


The appliances are scheduled for general availability at the end of October. Pricing starts at $98,000 for a three-node hybrid with 24 TB of hard drive capacity and 3 TB of SSD cache.

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