HPE 3PAR StoreServ Pricing

HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20840

HPE upgraded its SPC-2 leading all-flash 3PAR StoreServ 20850 architecture to accommodate shelves of 8 TB HDDs. The resulting 3PAR StoreServ 20840 will allow customers to reap performance benefits of an all-flash architecture (built from the ground up for flash).

HPE claims the 3PAR StoreServ 20840 accomplishes this feat with 85 percent less floor space, power and cooling required for traditional storage implementations, such as EMC’s VMAX platform.

Customers can consolidate both block and file storage on one platform. The key principle is to consolidate workloads onto one system that scales up to 8 nodes and 21 PB of storage while providing up to 3.2 million random-read IO Per Second.

HPE also announced that its entry-level 3PAR 8450 earned the #1 spot atop the SPC-1 Price/Performance tier with a cost of $0.23 per SPC-1 IOP.

The 3PAR 20840 is available worldwide starting at $147,000. The inaugural products support 1,920 drives and will expand to 2,304 drives in 2H2016.

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