HPE StoreOnce Pricing

HPE StoreOnce Systems Pricing

Flash is great for high performance workloads, but there is always the need for speedy backup and replication routines. HPE recently upgraded its StoreOnce products by adding the ability to perform flat backups directly from any 3PAR storage appliance, such as the 20840.

Keeping pace with flash-powered appliances that provide incredible throughput requires a robust architecture, and HPE designed its StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central software to perform direct backups from applications up to 17x faster and perform data restoration tasks 5x faster. Pricing is also an additional feature.

The company rolled out the new HPE StoreOnce 5500, which scales up to 864 TB (double that of the nearest competitor) for as little as $0.02 per GB.

HPE also offers the new StoreOnce 6600 for scale out applications. HPE indicated that the 6600 provides multi-node resiliency and can scale to 1.7 PB. The company also claims the 184TB per-hour ingest rate is 3 times faster than its nearest competitor.

The StoreOnce 5500 and 6500 are available starting at $35,100 and $75,000, respectively, on March 31 2016.

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